Things weren’t always like this.
There was furniture here once,
and I had a lot of it.

Couch, chair.
Same coloring, same pattern.
A coffee table.

And all the bedroom stuff,
queen size, lamp,
the works.

But you know how that is,
and you know what a room looks like
without things.

I used to be her hero.
I used to drive
a big car.

I used to know something about stars,
and planets and comets,
and we used to go out there at night to look up.

There was something we used to say back then,
and sometimes when I’m here
wondering about my furniture,

sometimes, when I’m in here,
in what used to be a living

I can sometimes remember what it was.

Pfefferle, W.T. My Coolest Shirt. Poems. The Word Works Press, 2015.